People are short of time. They don’t have the time to invest in learning analysis, trading strategies and when the best time is to buy and sell. Investors already use advisory services in the trading of stocks and shares, bonds and precious metals by using stockbrokers and global bullion trading houses to assist them in determining when the right time is to trade. Currently this is not case for one of the most exciting and active markets in the world – crypto asset trading. Right now, customers only have the option of trading by themselves, which most people don’t have the time to commit to such responsibility or invest in algorithm driven trading which is laden with risk, moral hazard and unfortunately unscrupulous companies. The sector is crying out for investment facilities provided by a reputable firm with a full suite of advisory services. With global crypto currency markets still relatively young, but with the benefit of incredibly liquid markets global exchanges on the largest crypto assets, EBLN DMCC is pioneering cutting edge advisory. Providing clients proprietary research and analysis, providing them assistance on when to buy and sell, and access to global intuitional exchanges to execute their trades on.


An EBLN DMCC broker is only one call away. This enables EBLN DMCC clients to talk to market professionals who are linked to live prices, who have research and analysis at their disposal and who can action buy and sell trades for the client upon instruction. EBLN DMCC Limited only trade the most liquid exchange-based euro spot instruments of Bitcoin and Ethereum [BTCEUR and ETHEUR]. Customers can monitor price fluctuations themselves by simply typing these symbols into a search engine

Why Crypto

Reading about EBLN DMCC advisory trading services within global crypto currency markets probably isn’t the first time you have encountered crypto currencies. The fever has been significant. The main most liquid crypto currency asset classes such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have appreciated significantly in price – bitcoin has increased since 2011 over 1000%. Additionally, the excitement behind crypto – assets is not confined to price increases. With global unease increasing between governments, many countries experience economic slowdowns, hyperinflation and spiralling debt piles; humankind are losing faith in central banks and fiat currencies such as the Euro. This is the reason clients are diversifying their portfolio into the likes of ultra-liquid safe havens such as precious metals and crypto assets which are not linked to governments, banks nor their systems.

The Blockchain

A lot of individuals only associate crypto currencies with Bitcoin, other currency coins and initial coin offerings which have become abundant recently. But there is more under the hood than a new decentralised liquid, easy to trade asset class on global exchanges. The underlying technology behind Bitcoin [BTC] for example is the blockchain. This new technology, ledger system and method of recording down transactions is getting industries excited. What is more, one of the most exciting points of the blockchain is that it cannot be corrupted. So, what is the block chain? It is a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another crypto currency are recorded chronologically, publicly and are incorruptible. The revolution is this: where information used to be copied and stored – a flawed system – the block chain allows information on almost anything to be distributed across the blockchain network which is made up of many computers. See our example of how the blockchain works. The excitement of this new technology arguably has led to the considerable price movements that have been seen in the price of bitcoin over the last 3 years.

What crypto currencies does EBLN DMCC trade?

EBLN DMCC of the UK trades only spot Bitcoin and Ethereum in Euros.

Why does EBLN DMCC UK only trade 2 specific crypto currencies?

The reason EBLN DMCC only execute trades in Bitcoin and Ethereum on behalf of clients is because they are the most liquid crypto currency markets. Additionally, the cost of trading the asset is less than other more illiquid less well-known coins

What is the minimum investment to use EBLN DMCC’s institutional advisory execution services?

0.5 BTC or 4 ETH

Does EBLN DMCC offer a margin facility?

Yes. This enables clients to trade larger amounts of crypto currencies through paying up for a portion of the trade in equity at the opening of the trade. The cost / balance of the trade is then deferred to the closing of the trade. There is a charge for this service. The maximum margin deferral available to clients is a LTV of 33% at the time of execution.

Why only the Euro?

EBLN DMCC only trades BTC and ETH in euros because it is the most liquid spot BTC/ ETH in Europe. This enables EBLN DMCC to keep operations and business within the EEA [European economic area]

How liquid is BTC and ETH trading through EBLN DMCC UK?

Very. The asset can be bought and sold instantaneously. If you fund your account or make a withdrawal it can take as little as 7 days to return your capital.

Is the trading of crypto currencies regulated and what are the risks?

No the trading of spot crypto currencies are not regulated as they are not classed as a financial instrument. Please see the risks on the next page.

What are the tax implications?

If you make capital gains in your spot coin trading, you may be required to pay capital gains tax. Please seek tax advice.

Where do my funds go?

Your funds are sent to EBLN DMCC Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of EBLN DMCC [Dubai] who are licensed and regulated by the DMCC, UAE.

What happens to my investments if EBLN DMCC ceases operations?

If we were to cease business this would not affect your holdings. We would issue official transferrable deed of titles for all customer holdings in this event and further instructions.

How do I buy and sell?

Contact your broker and instruct them to buy or sell your position/s. Your broker has intuitional trading facilities through trade agreements with suppliers who in turn have intuitional corporate accounts with the largest most liquid registries in the world such as GDAX and Kraken.

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