About Us

EBLN DMCC is a UK based crypto currency trading house and proprietary advisory unit and wholly owned subsidiary of EBLN DMCC [Dubai]. EBLN DMCC [Dubai] is a regulated and licensed spot commodity trading house based in the United Arab Emirates with offices in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. EBLN DMCC [Dubai] is a global precious metal trading house. Through the 2 investment houses global clients are provided the opportunity to trade spot precious metals and crypto assets. The old gold and the new gold. EBLN DMCC only provides access to spot crypto currencies, providing the opportunity to trade and own the underlying asset in full or on margin, not their synthetic substitutes nor the synthetic trading of the products i.e. contracts for difference, futures or spread betting. EBLN DMCC maintains a core hive of traders with extensive experience in maintaining long-term client relationships and spot commodity markets. EBLN DMCC has access to institutional exchanges and facilities.